Relationship Abuse Prevention Program

What is the RAPP Program?

RAPP is a school-based program that provides relationship abuse prevention, intervention, and education services to students, staff, parents, and the community. RAPP specializes in working with teens who have been affected by abuse, though we provide counseling to any student who wants to work on having a healthier relationship with their family, friends, or themselves.  This may include issues of depression or anxiety, peer relationships, difficulty in school, or dynamics at home.

Who is the RAPP Coordinator?

          Sydnee Corriders is a social worker and has been working with RAPP since July 2016. You can find Ms. Sydnee in room B45A which is in the basement, directly across from the cafeteria. She can also be reached at 718-230-6200 ext. 7452. Ms. Sydnee is in the building Tuesday-Friday from 8am-4pm and loves drop ins so call or stop by anytime!

Individual and Group Counseling

            RAPP offers both individual and group counseling services for any student that is interested and will work with any student(s) before, during, or after school.


Workshops and Trainings (for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff)

          RAPP offers classroom workshops on a variety of topics including teen dating violence, sexual violence, healthy relationships, bullying, and any topics that may be relevant for students.

In addition to classroom workshops, RAPP can provide trainings to school staff and evening workshops for parents regarding teen dating violence, healthy relationships, cyberbullying, or any additional topics that may be helpful or relevant.


*Note: if you are interested in a parent workshop, please reach out to the RAPP Coordinator or your Parent Coordinator and they will collaborate to plan a workshop or workshop series that best fits your interest.*

RAPP Summer Peer Leadership Program

          The Peer Leadership program is a summer opportunity for 4-6 students to be hired as Peer Leaders. Over 7 weeks, these peer leaders will learn about and engage in dialogues surrounding dating violence and a variety of other social justice topics (racism, sexism, immigration, LGBTQ+ topics, etc.). The summer culminates with a conference completely for and by the youth.

          Following the summer, peer leaders ideally return to their schools with new information and serve as leaders and models for their peers and overall school community.

Community Outreach

            A major priority of RAPP is community involvement. RAPP coordinators and peer leaders create and participate in a variety of community campaigns surrounding many social issues. RAPP also offers workshops to community members and organizations as requested.

*Note: if you or someone that you know are interested in a community workshop, please reach out to the RAPP Coordinator and they will collaborate with you to plan a workshop or workshop series that best fits your interest.*


             "To me, RAPP is more than a teen dating awareness group. It's been my safe haven, safe space, where I can talk about things that matter to me and at the same time learn about what matters to others....where I learned about the complex nature of human relationships and how crucial it is for me to interact with my peers and anyone around me... I've become a critical thinker, mature, humble, a public speaker, better friend, teacher and much more as a result of RAPP."

-Albery Abreu, former RAPP Peer Leader