BSMT Students attending


Roundabout Theatre's


Too Heavy For Your Pocket




Through its educational initiatives, Roundabout Theatre Company strives to use theatre to enhance teacher practice and deepen student learning. We are dedicated to using our resources as a professional theatre to accomplish the following educational objectives:

  • TRANSFORM the classrooms of New York City schools by creating learning opportunities across all disciplines through the exploration of theatre and by collaborating with teachers and teaching artists to infuse theatrical teaching strategies into their curriculum.

  • ENGAGE students in theatre experiences that explore the universal themes of the human condition and develop their ability to think critically about the plays they attend.

  • BUILD a community of confident, expressive young people who, in producing classic and original plays, are committed to and responsible for their own learning.

  • FOSTER a new generation of artists and arts administrators by providing career development opportunities to high school and collage students through internships in Roundabouts' administrative and production departments.

  • EXPAND the impact of Roundabout's productions by providing historical, literary and social contexts in the classroom and the theatre.